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Flyscreen colour chart
New flyscreen colour chart

Why Vendas?

Whether you live north or south of the river or within the larger Perth metro areas, we will send our property maintenance experts to your property to install, repair, or replace fly screens and fly doors on your doors and/or windows. Our operational areas include Perth, Mandurah, Harvey, Waroona, and Rockingham and many more.

When you choose Vendas Maintenance for your fly screen repair, replacement, or installation needs, we will make sure:

  • Trustworthy – We look into every detail to make sure that we don’t miss anything. The best service and high-quality results you deserve.
  • Reliable – Punctual, we provide what we promise at the quoted price.
  • Strong work ethic – We treat you with old-fashioned manners and respect
  • Creative – We transform an idea into a visual delight.
    Fibre glass mesh on top of wooden flydoor
    Flyscreen Repairs

    Hinged flyscreen – lift up to provide access to window latches.

    What we offer

    One of the most cost-effective ways to deal with unwanted insects and prevent them from wandering into your home is to have flyscreens added to your doors and windows. Vendas Maintenance has fitted many homes across Perth with durable, high-quality flyscreens, keeping households free from the risk of getting infected with diseases carried by insects. We have hinged flyscreens from the top or the side. We also install flyscreens that slide in a channel.

    We will help get your home or business ready for the warm summer months, when flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs could swarm your surroundings. With a dependable flyscreen, you can make sure that pests and insects stay out of your home.

    Once we have installed fly screens to your doors and windows, you’ll not only enjoy the benefits of a bug-free indoor environment but also, you’ll be able to open your windows and allow fresh air to come in and circulate inside your home. Another advantage of having mesh fly screens is that they provide a barrier, but they won’t block natural light, letting you save on energy costs.

    Flyscreen Repairs

    We offer flyscreen repairs and replacement services at a fair price. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so you’ll know when it’s time to call us to fix or replace your flyscreen. 

    1. If the frame is bent, dilapidated, or slightly dented, the entire frame needs to be replaced
    2. If the frame is intact but there’s a hole or puncture on the mesh screen, the flyscreen needs re-meshing.

    Our average pricing for flyscreen repairs for frame is $69 per square metre, excluding GST. For more accurate pricing, we need to know a couple of things. 

    • Check the frame colour
    • Measure the width and height of the frame

     Additional costs apply for less than six (6) fly screen window re-meshing or two (2) fly door repairs.

    Fly Screen Repair Prevention

    At a minimal cost of $24.50, you have the option to have a fly screen door guard fitted behind the fly door lock. We use Clear Perspex door guard to cover the mesh and protect it from scratches and punctures.

    Flyscreen Door Repairs

    We can fix your fly screen door, whether it’s a sliding or hinged fly screen door. We can repair broken mesh screens for $85 to $95. If the whole flyscreen door needs replacing, we charge from $295 to $395, plus GST.

    Prices vary according to width, so please measure if the width is 810mm, 900mm, or 1200mm. Additional costs may be possible if latches of the hinged fly screen door are damaged and need repair or replacement. Flyscreen doors with powder-coated colours are usually faster and less expensive to repair.

    For sliding flyscreen doors, one of the most common reasons for repair and/or replacement is broken rollers. If this is the issue, the fly door also needs re-meshing. Please call us right away to prevent further damage to your window or door.

    Flyscreen Mesh Materials

    We have two (2) options of flyscreen mesh materials. Our materials comply with Australian Standards AS 5039 2008. 

    1. Fibreglass mesh

     We fit fibreglass mesh to aluminium frames. Fibreglass mesh is the most common mesh screen material used in both residential and commercial properties. It is highly durable and resistant to rust. However, if you have pets inside your home, fibreglass mesh could be susceptible to animal claw scratches. It can also be gradually damaged from wear and tear or when accidentally pierced by sharp objects. 

    We install fibreglass mesh in charcoal colour, which can easily blend well in any interior design. We typically charge $39 per square metre, excluding GST. 

    1. Pet Mesh 

    We install Pet Mesh on both small and large doors. Pet Mesh is suitable for households that include pets such as dogs and cats. It is made of thicker material that is more resistant to animal claw damage. Pet Mesh is flexible and has a softer texture than other mesh screen materials. It also has a semi-transparent surface that allows light to pass through. 

    Pet mesh installations typically cost $110 for laundry doors and around $130 for large lounge doors.

    Repair of wooden window & flydoors

    Vendas is experienced repairing wooden window and flydoors. We offer various solutions depending on your needs, from sizing, materials of the frame of the flyscreen or door, material of the outer frame and your requirements regarding locks.

    Flyscreen pet mesh

    Pet mesh on sliding flyscreen doors looking out over the Swan River, Fremantle

    Flyscreen Pet Mesh

    The same flyscreen doors with pet mesh looking back from the outside.

    Flyscreen Repairs

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    Window security screens

    Triangular flyscreen made to fit in a roof truss using 40mm frame

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