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Classic Cream Lattice

Why Vendas?

Our property maintenance professionals at Vendas Maintenance will install latticework to create a beautiful backdrop whilst adding more privacy to your outdoor living space.

Choose Vendas Maintenance and you can expect:

  • Experienced professionals with the right technical skills and equipment to carry out any property maintenance and landscape improvement project
  • High-quality work completed promptly and efficiently
  • Fair and competitive pricing–no hidden charges
  • We treat you with old-fashioned manners and respect

We are currently servicing the greater Perth metro areas, including Rockingham, Pinjarra, Mandurah, and Baldivis. No matter where you live, our property maintenance experts will gladly go to your property for your latticework project.

      UV treated plastic lattice
      UV Treated Plastic Lattice

      What we offer

      We design and install latticework to create a beautiful and functional area in your landscape, whether you have a small deck or an expansive yard. Latticework creates a defined and more secluded structure that separates a portion of your outdoor space from the rest of your property’s exterior. Our handymen and property maintenance contractors can build latticework for your outdoor kitchen, dining area or entertainment lounge. We can also install a shade cloth structure over the space to shield you and your furniture from sunlight, strong winds, or unexpected rainfall.

      Lattice work fence and trellises increase privacy, blocking your outdoor area from the view of your neighbours. For additional privacy, you can hang curtains or a drop shade on the latticework to prevent others from peering into your property. If your property is located next to a busy road, we can install latticework privacy to screen your home from vehicles and strangers passing by.

      If you’re planning to create a flower bed or vegetable patch, a latticework fence can serve as a border to separate the garden whilst keeping away from pests and rodents from invading and destroying your plants.

      For your vertical garden, we can build latticework panels to provide stable support for climbing vines. Our wooden lattice work panels are sturdy enough to hold hanging potted plants, whilst the front of the lattice panel can be lined with potted plants or shrubbery.

      Types of Lattice Materials

      We offer two (2) types of lattice materials.

      1. Plastic Lattice

       We use high-strength UV stabilized polypropylene resin. This type of lattice material is durable and easy to install. We can make it look like genuine wood, but it won’t splinter, rot or become vulnerable to insect infestation. It is also easy to clean.

       Our plastic lattice panels are available in 1200mm-2400mm panels and four colours, including Charcoal, Cream, Green and White. 

      1. Wooden Lattice

      If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, we also use wood lattice panels. Our wooden latticework is made from either treated pine or hardwood. They have an amazingly natural look, but we can also paint or stain the panels with any colour that you prefer.

      Our wood lattice panels come in different sizes, i.e., 2400mm x 1800mm, 2400mm x 1200mm, and 2400mm x 600mm panels.

      Lattice Profiles

      We have three (3) popular designs of lattice profiles. Regardless of which design or shape you choose among these options, there is no impact on the durability of the materials or the price of the latticework.

      1. Square

      The standard square profile features a grid-like appearance. This design encourages climbing plants to grow and wrap around the structure to create a natural effect, allowing the trellis to blend in with the surrounding greenery. You can still peer through the small holes of the grid, but it still provides some privacy.

      1. Diamond

      The diamond profile comes with battens that criss-cross diagonally to produce a repeating diamond pattern. This profile instantly gives your outdoor space a more contemporary vibe.

        Lattice Capping and Posts

        We offer lattice capping and posts as optional add-ons suitable for privacy lattice installations. 

        • Lattice capping provides framing for the lattice work panels. They go at the top, bottom and sides of the panel, concealing the unsightly edges of the battens.  
        • Lattice posts let you set the start and endpoints of the privacy lattice panels. They are sunk to the ground to provide a more stable foundation for the privacy screen.
        Lattice UV Treated

        UV treated plastic lattice in a matrix steel frame along a verandah.

        Lattice Patio Entrance

        UV-protected plastic lattice in a matrix steel frame as a divider and patio entrance.

        Privacy lattice in a matrix steel frame attached to a timber frame above the boundary Hardie fence.

        UV Plastic Classic Cream

        UV plastic classic cream lattice with metal matrix frame connected in series for a patio cat enclosure and two gates.

        UV Plastic Classic Cream

        UV Plastic lattice with steel matrix frame surround patio enclosure.

        UV Plastic Classic Cream

        View from outside.

        Lattice Screens

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        UV Treated Plastic Lattice


        I would like to express my appreciation and great work that Chris Venables has done here at Mercy Place Mandurah. Our gardens look fantastic as Christopher has put so much work and effort to bring our gardens back to life. This included fixing all our reticulation and setting up timers fixing broken sprinklers, our beautiful water fountain is a pleasure to listen to again. Chris has a great eye for detail and nothing is too much trouble. Chris maintains the Property at Mercy place Mandurah on a weekly basis and keeps it looking fantastic.

        Kathy – Mercy Health Mandurah

        Chris has been servicing our block of 25 apartment how for over a year.
        Over this time Chris has been a champion with the upkeep of our lawn and garden, he is very hard working, He works unsupervised and is trusted 100% Chris has a pleasant attitude and can deal with an assortment of tenants, which we know can be testing at time. Chris has a broad knowledge of his trade, capable of find solutions when issues arise. I would recommend Chris Venables to any apartment, unit complex and single dwellings that requires maintenance, gardening and lawn services.

        Farmer, Operations Manager – Roofing 2000

        Chris Venables, has been attending to regular maintenance and care of the external parts of the building and landscaped areas of the Spencer Road Medical & Professional Centre (otherwise known as the Spencer Road Family Practice) for approximately 4 years. This includes, garden/landscaping care and development, lawn mowing and lawn care, retic system maintenance, removal of external refuse, removal of graffiti, cleaning and maintenance of brick paved pathways and other various external maintenance tasks. The owners of the Medical Centre confirm that Vendas Maintenance has carried out the above tasks consistently, reliably and with due care and attention with minimum supervision by the owners.

        Owners of Spencer Road Medical & Professional Centre

        Fantastic! Chris was very helpful, friendly, and he was just really good. He even taught me some of the things that he did.

        Laurianne J

        Vendas Maintenance did a very good gardening job. I am very happy with his job and I will be using his services regularly from now on.

        Ian H

        Chris provides a good, personal service and is able to provide suitable, cost-effective solutions to general handiwork.


        He’s done a great job. He provided me with some advice on how to keep the garden going properly and he was also very punctual.

        Sian H

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