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Shadecloth New or Repairs
Shade Cloth

50% green shade cloth on a timber structure for commercial plants.

Why Vendas?

At Vendas Maintenance, our property maintenance experts can help transform your outdoor space into an attractive living area by putting up a shade cloth structure.  Whether you would like to protect your car, your pool, play or living area from the sun, we got you covered. With an attractive, beautiful design Shade Cloth installed to add appeal to your property.

Vendas Maintenance is the best choice for your shade cloth structure project because:

  • We have seasoned professionals equipped with the training and tools to perform any property improvement and maintenance project
  • We work hard to ensure that each project we undertake is completed on time and up to par with the highest standards
  • We offer fair and competitive pricing. There are no surprises–we will let you know right if there are any additional expenses and make sure you are okay with it
  • We operate in the larger Perth metro areas, including Rockingham, Byford and Mandurah
  • We provide first-rate customer service from start to finish
  • We treat you with old-fashioned manners and respect

No matter where you are in the greater Perth area, our property maintenance team will travel to your property and help you change the look of your outdoor area to a space that you’d love to hang out without worrying about getting sunburn or rained on.

      Shade Cloth Structure
      Shade Cloth

      70% grey shade cloth on timber structure for privacy.

      What we offer

      Whether you’re planning on remodelling your landscape and you want to add a shade cloth structure to your backyard or front yard. Or if you are trying to create more shade in an existing design. With Vendas Maintenance you know you have made the right choice. Our Pergola shade cloth extends your living space, creating a more visually appealing focal point while adding more dimension and personality to your property. We also repair wind-damaged shade cloth structures. If you have rotting shade cloth structures, we will replace them with new ones.

      You can have a shade cloth structure over an entertainment area, dining area, swimming or patio, creating a shaded space to relax and chill with friends and family. A pergola shade cloth is not a completely closed off structure, so it provides an alfresco vibe whilst protecting you and outdoor appliances and furniture from sunlight or a slight rainfall.


      Benefits shade cloths

      Shade cloth structures offer versatility when it comes to designing your outdoor space. You can enhance the look by adding hanging plants, lights and curtains. If you want more privacy, we can also add latticework or privacy screens to the sides of the pergola.

      A fabric pergola can also serve as a shade cloth carport, which is easier and faster to build than an enclosed garage. If you are looking to add greenery to your backyard, a shade cloth can support vertical gardening whilst providing shade on flower beds and potted plants. We also build shade cloth structures and place it strategically to block unsightly views, especially if your property is situated next to an old building or an unkempt garden.

      Pergola shade cloths are gorgeous stand-alone enhancements in your landscape, but we can also combine them with a lean-to structure. We can also build shade cloth structures to lead to an outdoor gazebo.

      Shade Cloth Materials

      We offer a variety of UV treated shade cloth structure materials, including 50%, 70% and 90% UV treated shade cloth. Keep in mind that the shade percentage represents the density of the shade cloth material, so one type is more effective depending on what area you want to put your pergola shade cloth over. 

      For example, 90% UV treated shade cloth is ideal if the primary purpose of your pergola shade cloth is to shelter people. This type is suitable for outdoor entertainment lounges or an alfresco dining area. For sheltering livestock and plants such as some orchids and ferns species, we recommend using 70% UV treated shade cloth. For flowering plants such as lilies, irises and geraniums and vegetables such cabbage and lettuce, 50% UV treated shade cloth is suitable. 

      If you’re not sure which density is appropriate for your shade cloth structure project, simply call our hotline for a quick consultation.

      Fabric Pergola Colours

      Our shade cloths are available in a wide variety of colours, so you can easily find one that suits the style of your landscape. However, do note that the colour of the shade cloth not only enhances the visual appeal but also impact ventilation and heat reflection. 

      White and other light-coloured shades are ideal for sheltering flowering plants. Dark-coloured shade cloths are suitable for sheltering people. However, shade cloths in green, black and red colour could also work if you’re sheltering some plants and flowers species as long as the material is 50% UV treated.

      Other Small Structures

      We design purchase materials and build small structures such as small boat sheds, lean-tos and small roofs on the side of buildings. We also offer gate repairs, minor roof repairs and gutter and downpipe repairs.

      Shade Cloth New or Repairs

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      Sand coloured shade cloth

      Sand coloured 70% shade cloth fir plant protection whilst not stifling plant growth.


      I would like to express my appreciation and great work that Chris Venables has done here at Mercy Place Mandurah. Our gardens look fantastic as Christopher has put so much work and effort to bring our gardens back to life. This included fixing all our reticulation and setting up timers fixing broken sprinklers, our beautiful water fountain is a pleasure to listen to again. Chris has a great eye for detail and nothing is too much trouble. Chris maintains the Property at Mercy place Mandurah on a weekly basis and keeps it looking fantastic.

      Kathy – Mercy Health Mandurah

      Chris has been servicing our block of 25 apartment how for over a year.
      Over this time Chris has been a champion with the upkeep of our lawn and garden, he is very hard working, He works unsupervised and is trusted 100% Chris has a pleasant attitude and can deal with an assortment of tenants, which we know can be testing at time. Chris has a broad knowledge of his trade, capable of find solutions when issues arise. I would recommend Chris Venables to any apartment, unit complex and single dwellings that requires maintenance, gardening and lawn services.

      Farmer, Operations Manager – Roofing 2000

      Chris Venables, has been attending to regular maintenance and care of the external parts of the building and landscaped areas of the Spencer Road Medical & Professional Centre (otherwise known as the Spencer Road Family Practice) for approximately 4 years. This includes, garden/landscaping care and development, lawn mowing and lawn care, retic system maintenance, removal of external refuse, removal of graffiti, cleaning and maintenance of brick paved pathways and other various external maintenance tasks. The owners of the Medical Centre confirm that Vendas Maintenance has carried out the above tasks consistently, reliably and with due care and attention with minimum supervision by the owners.

      Owners of Spencer Road Medical & Professional Centre

      Fantastic! Chris was very helpful, friendly, and he was just really good. He even taught me some of the things that he did.

      Laurianne J

      Vendas Maintenance did a very good gardening job. I am very happy with his job and I will be using his services regularly from now on.

      Ian H

      Chris provides a good, personal service and is able to provide suitable, cost-effective solutions to general handiwork.


      He’s done a great job. He provided me with some advice on how to keep the garden going properly and he was also very punctual.

      Sian H

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